Monday, August 2, 2010

Frustration and windows

Why is it that when I am innocently searching for information on the web, investigating new quilty blogs, etc.... that some blankety-blank program some idiot deemed necessary to put on the web has to find its way into my laptop??!!!!

I have a four-session on-line class starting tomorrow. Thankfully we have the PC to fall back on... but there are so many files on my laptop I want to save. Pictures of quilts that people have sent me.... pictures of friends.

Needless to say it is headed to Dr. Laptop.

On the up side, the new windows are going in today. My sewing room is the first one to get its upgrade!!!

Have a good one!


The Quilting Pirate said...

Pooper beans!! I feel your pain. Let us know how you like the new windows 7.

Barb said...

Sorry for your troubles....

Let us see the windows!

Natalie said...

Sorry for your troubles! This has happened to me too but luckily the geek squad was able to recover my files. I didn't learn my lesson because I still don't back up my files on a regular basis *blush* Hopefully you'll get your computer back without losing any data!

Beth said...

I'm having trouble with my laptop too. (I have no excuse either cause my daughter got me an external hard drive and I never use it).
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,

I was out blog-hopping today and followed the crumbs to your blog. I'm not a seamstress, much less a whole quilter, but I admire the creations of those who are. I am a semi-retired teacher who loves to blog and read others' blogs. Enjoyed your tidbits and decided to follow.

Liz (aka Ninny)