Friday, July 23, 2010

Switching Gears

July is almost over and it is time for me to switch gears and get ready for the first semester of the new school year.

Since I switched jobs in the middle of last year, I haven't taught this curriculum yet so I have some work to do. Thankfully I was able to get together with one of the other Social Studies teachers yesterday and he took me through the curriculum and lent me his materials to build upon.

I also have some work to do for Language Arts. Right now I'm in the process of building an Elements of Literature powerpoint as a review... and just finished my Eight Parts of Speech power point review.

I do have some quilty projects on the back burner, and maybe if I can get myself uber-orgranized, I can actually take a couple of days each week before school starts and keep sewing. Might be a little difficult since the laptop is sitting on top of the sewing table and Mr. Bernina has been pushed down.

Oh the tangled web I weave........

Quilty Hugs!


Pat said...

Poor Mr. Bernina!!!

Linda said...

...and people think teachers only work 9 months of the year!!!!! If the general population knew how many hours we put into our jobs.

pajudie said...

Glad we can get you up to Odyssey tomorrow - I think you can use the break :o)

Gari said...

Seems like you just got out of school. Be sure to take those sewing days.

SheilaC said...

Isn't it crazy how fast this summer is flying by!!
Don't work too hard :)


scraphappy said...

Oh my, shifting gears if never easy. It's hard to remember this time of year how much we love what we do. Summer seems so short though, it is hard to give up even one day.

Pauline said...

hey Nancy..
well we do keep weaving these webs dont we? ha ha...have a good one mate