Sunday, July 4, 2010

So, how did I do that?

I had a couple of people ask me just how I take the pic of the Random Generator and while I did email one back with what I thought was the procedure I found out that what I was told didn't work.

So, after some trial and error, I really did figure it out.

I have a Dell laptop, so these instructions are using a PC... but I'm sure MAC people could figure it out with a little variation.

1. Go to the Random Number Generator page on the web (I just typed it into my address bar).
2. Generate your number
3. Click the Print Screen button at the top of the keyboard.
4. Open up Paint (or whatever editing program you have).
5. On the Edit tab, click PASTE.
6. File, Save As (I save it as a JPEG).
7. Open your photo software (I have Windows Live Gallery)
8. Open the picture of the Generator page that you saved from Paint.
9. Crop the photo down to the actual generator.
10. Save it again.
11. Upload the picture into your post.

Does that make sense?

It is one of those things that you have to try and do to help understand the procedure. I just had to find my print screen button LOL

Good Luck!

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Gari said...

Excellent directions.