Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quilt Odyssey 2010

Another successful year at Quilty Odyssey for the Sundae Quilters!!!!

For the last 3-4 years, a bunch of us have volunteered to go up to Hershey and sell raffle tickets for our guild. We take turns sitting at the table, seeing the show, and shopping in the vendors mall.

Eight of us went up yesterday. I love sitting at the table and talking to people, finding out where they are from. About two hours after we got there a gal walked by and I said "Quilting Cat!?!"... Amy turned around and I introduced myself as Patchwork Penguin. It was nice to meet a blog friend up close and personal.

The merchant mall was packed as usual. I managed to get out with a few FQs, a couple of notions, and a pattern. Oh, my moment of insanity returned when I bought a small pack of 1/2-inch hexagons. Judie said she would visit me in my rubber room.

About 4 pm Belinda and I went to find Bonnie Hunter. She was teaching at Odyssey this year. We found her downstairs teaching her class... hugged and squealed when we saw each other. We left her to finish her class and then returned at 5 pm to help her pack (she was done) and then we went to supper at Friendly's.... it is a tradition for us (thus the name Sundae Quilters). I returned Bonnie at 6:45 for Show-n-Tell (was so sad to say goodbye); returned to Friendly's to pick up the girls and then went to Quiltmaker's Cottage down the road.

Quiltmaker's Cottage is a nice shop and they were just featured in the McCall's Sampler magazine. I picked up a couple more patterns while I was there and then after braving the heat we returned home.

It was a great day; we now have a new Sundae Quilter - Shelley - who is in the process of moving to Gettysburg from California with her husband. She will fit in marvelously!!!

I didn't take a lot of pictures... but here are two that I thought were lovely.

Ok, enough yapping. Enjoy your day!

Quilty Hugs!


Kate said...

I absolutely LOVE the quilt in the first picture - it's amazing!! Thanks for sharing. And how lucky that you met Bonnie - she is amazing in what she achieves!!!

pajudie said...

Great time and great friends - a winner of a day!!!

Caroline in NH said...

The quilt in the first picture is a Sue Garman pattern called "Omigosh". This is the 2nd time in 2 days I've seen this pattern (2 different quilts). I think it's calling to me...

Pat said...

What a FUN time you had...thanks for sharing it with us here!

Barb said...

That butterfly quilt is so far outreaches the scope of my abilities.

Don't you think it is funny and did you ever think that you would be called "Patwork Penguin", "Quilted Cat" in public and how strange that sounds and is but how fun to meet your blogging buddies.

Glad you had fun!

Beth said...

Great photos. Sounds like a wonderful day!
Bonnie was at our guild in June and I met her there. She is so amazing. Her energy is just too much!

Yvette said...

I bought the pattern for the quilt that is at the top. It will probably take me 10yrs to make it. LOL!!!

Thanks for sharing!