Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Reading

I've decided that my time off up to my class next week will be spent working on UFOs and reading for pleasure.

The first two I completed (in one day) are by Clare O'Donohue from the Someday Quilt series. The first book is "Lover's Knot"; the second is Drunkard's Path. Both are very quick reads and remind me a lot of the Earlene Fowler quilt mysteries.

The second group is by Terri Thayer; Wild Goose Chase and Old Maid's Puzzle. I figured out the first one about half way through... the second, it took almost until the end to figure out.

I've got another series to start sitting in the living room and I have a copy of Earlene's new book, State Fair, waiting at the library for me.

Quilting mysteries.....think I need to diversify??? :o)

Quilty Hugs!


Carla said...

Thank you for your Summer Reading post. My mother-in-law clued me in to Jennifer Chiaverini's Elm Creek Quilt novels and I finished them all. I didn't know where to look for more 'quilty' enjoyable, easy reads. I like to listen to them while cutting and quilting if I can get them on CD, or read them before bed. Thanks to your post, I know where to look now!

Sherry said...

You might enjoy Monica Ferris's novels as well. . . although her Crewel Yule was, IMHO, not her best work.

Her books are based around a needlework shop and have some kind of pattern in the back of the books -- some cross stitch, some knitting, etc.

Also, have you read any of Laura Childs' books? She has a couple of series. . .one is based around a tea shop, and there is another one based around a diner in the desert.

Jill Churchill also has some good mysteries. . . she uses "skewed" phrases (like "From Here to Paternity" instead of From Here to Eternity), etc. as the titles of her books.

Hope that these might help you diversify a tad bit.

Gari said...

Cool reading. I love mysterys that are quilting based, even easy read ones. Good for the tired mind.

Liz said...

Oooh! I'm with Carla. I love the Elm Creek Quilts series, but I didn't know any other quilting fiction to read. And I also love books on cd, because I have a 50 min drive, one-way, two work everyday, so an hour and a half drive gets boring, and the books keep me reading! I will have to update my goodreads account with new books to read!