Saturday, June 26, 2010

On a mission......................

When I switched from the high school to the middle school, part-time to full-time, last January I knew that my quilting time would be cut dramatically. I am not one to continue using the same materials that have been used forever so I was determined to make things new... my way. Needless to say, fabric and the machine were neglected.

Since school let out I have been on a mission in this room. I put most of the fabric on a five-shelf baker's rack to open up the floor and I love it!!! Now that I can see it all, I have more and more ideas on how to use it.

I am also making a conscious effort to put fabrics, rulers, cutters, etc. away when I am finished using them so that they don't lay around and clutter up the room.

The final part of my mission has been to finish up some UFOs. I have a large plastic tote with tops in various stages. So far I have pieced the backs for five of them and four of them are at Donna's (my long arm artist). I told her to feed them in here and there, no hurry; I also told Kevin to ignore the checks written to her.

Other quilts in the tote need borders of one kind or another. My Bear-inagoddavida needs three borders - and I've decided to make the HSTs for the sawtooth border keep with the pattern. I think it is going to look amazing! I also have a stack-n-whack, a churn dash made from swap blocks, a nine-patch made from leftover blocks, my Almost Amish Bear Paw and my Guild President's Quilt.

The great thing is I don't feel so overwhelmed by UFOs anymore and I am determined to get these done before I start anymore projects. I don't know if that will happen, but I've made a big dent in the pile and I feel good about it.

And who knows... after spending money on quilting, maybe Kevin will see that investing in a mid-arm/long-arm isn't such a bad idea after all :o)

Quilty Hugs!!


Barb said...

Well...have fun on this mission...and enjoy!! Can't wait to see everything!

Trudi said...

Progress is great! Look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour soon Nancy! Good luck with the long arm request :) (I have to confess I have a short arm table top frame that has revolutionised my quilting!)