Thursday, June 10, 2010

Giveaway Winner

I know, I'm late... I apologize. Kevin and I went out for supper.... ALONE.... and then up to school to get my mini fridge out of my room.

So without further ado.... the winner, picked by random number generator is # 11...

Linda  from Wisconsin!!!!

Linda, please email me with your snail mail information and I'll get these out to you ASAP.

Sorry I can't post the pic of the Random Number generator.... still haven't figured out how to do that.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

OHHHH...I'm so jealous!!!! But I'm glad Linda won :0) She's one of my students from last year's beginning class, and she has really found the obsession of quilting!!! :0)

Regarding the number generator....The first time I had to post one, I simply took a pic of it with the camera :0) Then I figured out how to take screen shot with my Mac.

OH NO WAY!!!!! You will NEVER guess what my work verifciation is!!!
Oh....come ON!!!!!!!


NO LIE! Okay, you need to have another giveaway! It's a SIGN!!!!


andsewon said...

Lucky Linda!! I am sure she will enjoy it all so much!!

Linda said...

Thank you--Thank you! Thank you! This is awesome. I am becoming an obsessive quilter!

quiltmom said...

Congratulations to Linda- those were so wonderful fabrics that she won.
Hope you had a fabulous evening out and are beginning to enjoy your summer break.