Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do your quilts have Pig noses?????

The Sundae Quilters came over today. I love it when we can all get together. Something about the chemistry in the group.... we all just blend together so well.

Anyway, Jan brought up an interesting topic... Pig Noses on quilts. Apparently she read something that said when binding, you need to be careful NOT to turn the binding on the corner and create a pig nose.

If you look at the picture on the left, you can see the two little openings... that is the pig nose. The picture on the right is non-piggy (and blurry, sorry). I thought it was interesting, and honestly, I never gave it much thought.

But this is what I love about our group. Each of us has something to give and we give it freely and with love. To see more pictures from our day together you can check out the Sundae Quilters Blog (click on our name) or over to Judie's - she'll post them when she gets home :o)

Quilty Hugs!!!


pajudie said...

Isn't it amazing how we always learn something!!! What a fun day, Nancy, and thanks for hosting -

Pat said...

I always hand-stitch down the mitered corners on both sides of my quilt no pig noses here!!!

Linda said...

OMG, I'll never look at the corners of my quilts again without thinking about this post...Pig noses! I'll have to share this insight with my group! I love this. I always stitch down my corners too so I do not have any oinkers on my quilts! hugs, Linda