Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Day Off, a Migraine, and Finding My Room

We can only carry over one personal day in our district; and I found out about a month ago that we can no longer submit a pay slip for the ones we don't use; so I had to use it. I know, Thursday is an odd day.... but all of the Friday's in May/June were maxed out.

So here I sit, trying to find my sewing room again. It hasn't really been a sewing room these last five months; more like an annex to my room at school. I have found things I had forgotten about, projects that I wonder when I'll get them made, scraps that I seriously was thinking of cutting down but know I'm not going to get to that, and seriously thinking about doing some de-stashing.

Actually what I should do is start looking through some patterns and just start pulling pieces that I have to make up scrappy quilts. I love scrappy quilts. I say that knowing that none of the quilts on my UFO Challenge list have been finished.

I found the floor..... only because all of the stuff that was on it is now on my sewing table and the ironing board.  Second load of laundry is in also.  No fabric, just laundry. 

Who decided I need to buy all of this??????

I'll try and send up a flare later.... but if you don't hear from me, will someone start digging??????



Nancy said...

I won't dig you out, but I will come clear off the ironing table and bring all the stuff home and maybe that will help?


PaTcHwOrK jEnN said...

Just think School is almost over and you can enjoy your nice clean room to create in this summer. I cleaned mine about 2 weeks ago and have been sewing like crazy in my semi clean room.

Pat said...

She's baaaa-aack! The Penguin has found her sewing room! I'm picturing you in your sewing room, flinging fabric scraps over your shoulder, a la Eleanor Burns. I'm sure it will be a summer filled with scrappy fun.

pajudie said...

I hear you, Nancy - you've seen my sewing table so you know I can commiserate!!! I still can't find my February UFO!!! I KNOW it's in there somewhere :o)

Gari said...

This too shall soon as school is over. Summer vacation has a way of smoothing things over.