Sunday, June 6, 2010

Before I even think about getting any sewing in this summer, I have to clean up this room and get some of the stuff up off of the floor. I bought a metal shelf unit to stash fabric and try and get it out of boxes and get the boxes off of the floor. Have to decide how I want the furniture to go; the room is only so big.

Anyone game?  You never know what I might de-stash :o)

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Tracy said...

I'll be watching this because I am trying to switch my stuff to an upstairs room that is small. I've taken up two totes and two small 3-drawer plastic units, a partial roll of batting, the ironing board, my embroidery attachment in it's case...hopefully there will be room for the sewing cabinet when it becomes available!
But it beats trying to sew in front of the AC!