Saturday, April 3, 2010

Block Swap

A couple of months ago (I think) I posted about wanting to make a quilt using the Chimney Sweep block. Thanks to some wonderful blog friends, I was able to track down the pattern and even get my hands on a PDF file with really simple instructions.

Anyone want to swap? The block measures 10-1/2 inches unfinished.

Each person would be responsible for making 12 blocks.

I'm seeing this done with Civil War fabrics.... and maybe another swap using 1930's reproduction fabrics. To be consistent, the background will be Kona Cotton natural. You decide which you want to do and let me know either in a comment on this post or email me privately using the address given in my profile. If you want to do both, that's fine.

This is not a signature swap (not enough interest).

I must be able to link to your blog. If you post anonymously or no-reply I cannot add you to the list of swappers. Please make sure I can email you!! :o)

If you are interested, let me know and I will email you more detailed instructions and the PDF file. Sign-up deadline is April 15, 2010

Blocks are due August 15, 2010. Remember, swapping is a commitment.... if you can't make twelve blocks in 3 months (allowing for mailing time) don't sign up. Nothing leaves a bitter taste in a quilter's mouth quite like a swapper than doesn't follow through. However, we all understand that life happens... if you need to drop out, let me know ASAP.

Quilty Hugs!


Caroline in NH said...

I would be very interested! I have a question, though... I just found a misplaced "layer cake" of civil war repros - at least, *I* think they are. It's Moda "Collections for a Cause - Tradition". Would one (10x10) square be enough to make one chimney sweep block (with the background fabric of course)? Could I send 12 different ones, or should I buy one piece of fabric for all 12 blocks?

Barb said...

This looks to be such a fun swap but I will have to bow out...traveling at this time..sorry!!!

KatieQ said...

I would love to play using Civil War fabrics without signatures, but I'm also okay with having the names of other lovely swappers on the blocks.

Diane said...

I would like to see the pattern first and then make a decision. I in for 30"s fabric. I don't have any civil war fabrics.

Belinda said...
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Belinda said...

I like the civil war fabrics idea. Would you like all 12 blocks made from the same fabric?

Trish said...

I would be willing to do both civil war/reproduction and 30's. Sounds like a great swap. Count me in. Just send all the info.

Erin O. said...

I'd be interested!

Sherry said...

Hi Nancy, I would like to take part in your swap.

I'd like to do 1930's (without signature) in purple.

You should be able to link to my blog from this message. . .if you need any other information please let me know.

Thank you,

Sherry V.

Linda said...

Notice people have colors by their names for the Civil War blocks. Does that mean everyone should pick a color. I don't care and each block can be a different color for the Civil war and the 30's prints. This will be great to see the fabrics each person picks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
Is it necessary to have a blog to participate.
I would be thrilled to take part in the swap of signature blocks.
Have a good day!
Martine - France

pajudie said...

Sign me up, Nancy - I can add this to my UFO list :o) I'd like to do Civil War prints -

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Nancy, as MUCH as I'd like to join in, sadly I think I need to practice my "NO" here....
I'll be following all your progress though!!!!

Glad to see you more regularly in blog land again, too--life must be slowing down???? ;0) I've been missin' ya.

Anonymous said...

I realize I am late for this swap. Interesting that I have been searching for this pattern all over the web. I watch Sarah's Place on HGTV. She is a decorator from Canada and her most recent series shows a farm house and in the bedroom on the bed is this pattern in a red and white quilt. I love it! I want to make it but have not found the pattern. Do you think you could still share the pattern with me??? Thanks Lizzie