Monday, February 15, 2010

Death of a router

The router died yesterday........ Happy Valentine's Day to us.

So after speaking with my techy guru this morning, I went to Staples, bought a new router, got it hooked up and we are good to go.

Now........... what did we do before routers and modems and such????


Pat said...

I'm glad you are back in business now!!!!

pajudie said...

Geeez - I thought you were talking about the wood working tool - shows you how techno I am :o)

Karin said...

Good to hear that it was such a easy hook up. Welcome back to the www-world ;-).

I´m wondering the same - what did we do before cell phones, internet/wlan and the other high tech stuff.......

julieQ said...

Sorry about the death in your family...and glad you are back into business!