Wednesday, February 3, 2010

About as quilty as I'm going to get anymore

I bought fabric last night.

One of the gals I taught with in the high school (before moving to the middle school) called and suggested we go for supper one night. So we went for Mexican, and I had a bolt of Kona Snow to pick up.

While I was there I found this owl fabric and the compliment prints. I bought three yards of the owls and a FQ bundle to bring home to show Abby.... there is another owl quilt in the works. I'm pretty sure I'm going to use the Turning 20 Around the Block to showcase the owls. She likes all of the prints accept the little flower (she doesn't like the pink dot).

*sigh*........... I'll put this on the 'do in the future' list.



Melinda said...

Great fabric - I haven't seen it before. I love the owls and I also like the flowers with the pink dots. It gives it character.

Pat said...

Gotta love occasional pink dot here and there on the fabric that won't show up much at all in an entire quilt, but she doesn't like it and want it included. LOL

Barb said...

Love ing it!!!

Michele said...

I have to agree - the pink dots look a little out of place.
Otherwise, GREAT material.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

oh dear....such a heavy sigh :0(

Hopefully you will be able to just put the world aside (soon!) to kick back with some fabric therapy

pajudie said...

Love that fabric, Nancy - I'm planning on going to the sale on Sunday at Michaels - got to keep that stash supplied!!!

SheilaC said...

hmmmmm maybe you could applique or embroider over the pink dot??

LOVE the owls :)

A whole bolt of Kona Snow?? Was wondering how you ladies have enough of the light neutrals for your quilts :)


Zlaty said...

Great shopping choices! I like all the fabrics!

Happy sewing!