Saturday, January 23, 2010

UFO Challenge update

Needless to say with this job shift I am not getting any sewing time in. So my UFO challenge is going to be trying to keep my head above water.

Julie got her challenge done for January and it is really cute. I love scrappy!!!

Quilty Hugs!!!


Trudi said...

I hope you manage to squease in a little quilting time here and there :) And I finished a UFO too! Thanks Nancy for the encouragement to get them done

SheilaC said...

I just finished MY UFO for January too!! I blogged about it if you want to check it out:

Thank you SO much for running this challenge. It really gave me the push I needed!


Kathy said...

Nancy, I have not done well for January either. My hubby's Army Buddy and wife were here for two weeks and then work has been hectic. I may not get January UFO completed in January, but I hope to get it done before 2010 ends!

Congratulations to Julie for getting hers done!!

Barb said...

Sometimes that is all we can do!!

Pat said...

I WAS doing good with my January UFO but with the carpal tunnel have had to take a break from's a hand-sewn piece and that hurts my wrist to work with the needle and thread like that. I am still hoping I can resume this week, but think it might still not be finished by the end of January. :(

Morah said...

GADS! You mean we're not supposed to just join the UFO challenge...We are supposed to finish something?!?!?! YIKES!!!!

pajudie said...

Well, I've got a week to finish my January challenge - wonder if I can make it????? I've only got 5 more blocks to do :o(