Saturday, January 2, 2010

Playing with the blog

I've been thinking about going to a three column blog. I found a tutorial on line and while I've done what it said twice, it still isn't working.

Oh well, I'll figure it out sometime. Right now I have to get to work on school stuff.

Quilty hugs!


pajudie said...

Hi Nancy -
Let me know if you figure it out - I need things written down so I can follow the instructions step-by-step - my old brain just has trouble reading instructions online :o(

Barb said...

Try this nancy

This only took me 15 minutes the first time and then 5 for all the other is awesome!! Good luck!

Melissa said...

Just be sure to back up your blog first. Sometimes you'll lose your widgets

Pat said...

Nancy, I tried a 3 column as well, but it kept losing my pictures from one of the columns. It probably had to do with the Blogger template not playing nice with the third party template, but I finally gave up. Maybe I'll try Barb's link when I have some time (and a glass of wine).

Quilter In Paradise said...

I took mine to three columns and love it! I'll see if I can remember where I got the instructions. Worked like a champ.. but my right hand column is a little too close for me but liveable.
Beth in Dallas