Saturday, January 2, 2010

January UFO Challenge

Abby helped me pick the number for January yesterday. We got creative and made a video. Abby was being helpful, Beth was being goofy in the background.

The numbers chosen will also be listed on the sidebar if you have trouble accessing the video.

Happy Quilting!


Pat said... # 4 is a wool felt candle mat kit that I had hoped to have ready for the Christmas just past....guess I have a good chance of getting it done for Christmas 2010, huh? LOL

Kathy said...

The video was cute!!! Loved it. So Abby picked #4 -- hmmm....I knew that was going to happen -- my UFO that needs the most work! LOL! Oh well, get the big one out of the way first!!!!!

Looking forward to this challenge.

SheilaC said...

I've got my quilt for January too...(cute video!!)

check it out here



pajudie said...

Love the video - good job!!! And the "Snoopy" cards are to die for!!! I'll have to check what my #4 is - hope it's my Celtic Knotwork because that's what I'd really like to work on :o)

Barb said...

Oh my word......tooooooo funny! Have fun with your UFOs and number selections...I will look forward to your creative number selection for next month LOL!! I toyed with the idea of jumping into the UFO Challenge this year...but decided I best not, toooo much pressure LOL, just teasing, I know it is voluntary ;>)!! Have a fun weekend!

Kim West said...

My number 4 is "Home for the Holidays" -

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

LOL..absolutely LOVE the video. Glad to see that other parents can be impatient with their children too :0) (Cute cards, too!)

#4--my favorite number in the whole-wide-world. Let's see what it is for me.....

.....UGH!!!! SERIOUSLY! I'm ReORDERING my list! LOL....there is NO WAY I am in the mood for Now-n-Forever!!! **sigh**...okay, I'll see what I can do, but I may just have to save that one for the summer and bump up a different one.

Thanks again for organizing!!! What a great list of participants this year!