Saturday, January 16, 2010

Extreme blog makeover

Thanks to Paula, I now have a three column blog. She did a fantastic job and I am so grateful to her.

Thanks Paula!!!


Kaye said...

I cannot figure how to do a lot of stuff on the computer, such as change my face page etc. Pat C is very good , maybe when her hand and shoulder get better she can come over and help me, goodness knows I need it. LOL

Barb said...


Angie said...

Oh dear, now I NEED to have three columns too... but I am a computer wimp. Please tell me how easy/not it was to get the 3 columns and advise whether is it a risky business, I don't mess with my blog because I am affraid of making a mess you see. I love blogging, though I have changed the background, I even learned how to spell check! ha ha ha... You see what I mean?

Barb said...

Whoaaaa this looks sharp, congrats on the new look! Have a great weekend!