Monday, January 11, 2010

Chimney Sweep block

I love quilters. I have never met 99.9% of you in person yet you are so helpful in helping me find some directions/examples for this block.

I hadn't thought to look at Bonnie Hunter's directions in the January issue of Quiltmaker. She calls it "Old Kentucky Album...... same block, just a different color way.

A couple comments said they'd be interested in a swap. I'll have to think about this. If I would do it, the blocks would have to be due after school lets out in June. I know I don't have time to swap out things during the semester.

Ok, back to grading papers!!


scraphappy said...

A summer swap sounds like a great idea. Actually, anything that happens in the summer sounds fabulous to those of us who are teachers. I'll play along too when it comes time.

Pat said...

Well...I'm happy some of us were able to help you out with that block.

Lissa Jane said...

Its a neat block Nancy.. hope you are staying warm!

Quilters are the best, so helpful!!