Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winner of the Quickie Giveaway

Ok, I have the winner of the Quickie Giveaway. There were 12 comments; unfortunately one was an ANONYMOUS and I can't count that one as I don't have any way of contacting you.

So Abby has chosen a number between one and 11......................... and the winner issssssssssss

#3..... Barb!!!!

Barb, email me your name, address information and I'll get the bag to you ASAP.



Pat said...

Oh, YAY...I'm so happy Barb won. (Nancy...she is currently away from home for this month, so IF she doesn't see this and reply to you, I have her address and I will be happy to email it to you. I don't want her to miss out on getting this...and I'm not sure if she is able to keep up really well on blogging while away.)

Barb said...

You are kidding me!!!!! Yepeeeeeee.....thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!

Odette said...

Hola Nancy, he querido enviar un correo agradeciendole los regalos que envio por el intercambio SSCS, pero no tengo su correo podria usted dejarlo en mi blog?.
Muchas gracias.