Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What a wonderful package to receive

A couple of weeks ago I entered a giveaway on a whim over at Scotland for the Senses. I couldn't believe it when I read the email that I had won... what wonderful news to receive the day my washing machine died.

I received my winnings today and WOW!!!! What a surprise to see all of these wonderful things. A packet of wildflower seeds, a CD that Sophia mixed for me, Butter Tablets (very rich, like maple sugar candy), shortbread, a whiskey cake, a virtual tour of Scotland... it doesn't seem to come to an end.

Thank you so much Sophia!!! I might just share the shortbread with the family ....... I might :o)


Pat said...

How nice to get a package from another country filled with things we can't get here! ENJOY!

PurestGreen said...

Oooh, I wonder how the Dean's shortbread will measure up to your favourite Walker brand. You must let me know. Enjoy your sensual Scottish treats!

resewn sally said...

I live in Scotland, have done all my life, and Deans is nice shortbread. Just like Granny used to make. I have an easy recipe for butter tablet if you would like it. incredibly unhealthy but soooo good! Great to give as a gift too.