Saturday, December 12, 2009

Secret Angel Gifty

I signed up for the Secret Angel group at school again this year. I've tried not to make a quilted gift so far this year as that is a dead giveaway...... no one else in the building quilts to my knowledge.

Anyway, I had this cut out for a year and finally put it together. My angel didn't have a good day on Wednesday so I decided to gift it to her on Thursday. So far I haven't heard anything... but I'm sure she knows that it is me.


Beth said...


Lissa Jane said...

Nancy if I had received this runner as a 'secret santa' giftie, it wouldn't matter if I knew who had made it or not, I would of done a happy dance down the hall and would of asked everyone who'd made it... :O))

its very very very lovely!


Pat said...

That is beautiful and would certainly help to brighten a sad day for somebody...even if it does reveal who her secret angel is.