Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Golden Threads Quilting Paper

Have any of you ever used the Golden Threads Quilting Paper??? I bought a roll a couple of years ago and never used it, until today. It really helps when you want a 'uniform' quilting design on something. In my case, it is this tablerunner.

I found a picture of holly leaves and berries on the web, printed it off, Abby traced it 12 times for me and now I'm quilting. I did discover that if you pre-punch holes to follow that it just shreds when you go back and quilt... thus the need for 12 copies of this design.

The design on the paper is on the left; the actual quilted motif on the right. I think I'll end up washing it to get all the little pieces of paper out... or just scrape with my finger nail. Haven't decided.

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say about the product. I love a good discussion.


Pat said...

Another trick is to use freezer paper. Make a master template shape (let's say a holly leaf) out of regular paper. Trace it onto freezer paper & cut out as many as you need. Arrange them on your runner & iron them down. Using a walking foot, just follow the outline to quilt.

This process works well for other shapes. For instance, fold regular paper in half & cut a symetrical oval/egg. Use that to trace & cut multiple eggs from the freezer paper. Iron the eggs end-to-end along your border, then stitch along the outside, weaving from one side to the other then repeating going in the opposite direction. Voila! A cable. You can then stitch an 8th/4th of an inch from the other stitching to make it a double cable. Put little squares on point between each egg & you have another design.

Fold a square of paper into 4ths, then cut a four-sided flower. Iron it in place & stitch around it. Take the paper off, rotate it a quarter turn, then iron it back on. Now you've got an 8 segment motif that looks nice in the center of a square.

Barb said...

Never heard of it but looks like it might be worth looking into!!

Pat said...

I believe I have an unused roll of it here, too....had heard about it and got it and then never tried it.

Gari said...

I used it several times when I was quilting with my domestic machine as I had difficulty with freemotion. I didn't like taking the paper out, just like with paper piecing, but I did win a 1st place for quilting with my first guild show so it was worth it.

Bonnie said...

I actually really like the stuff ... or something similar if what I have is not golden threads paper. In fact I used it the other day with my long arm. I wanted a specific motif on a few spots so I just traced what I wanted several times and voila -- perfect looking quilting. I used it quite a bit when I was quilting with DSM. I doubt I will use it as much with the longarm as I get better. And, surprise, surprise -- I am getting better.

Odette said...

Hola Nancy, hoy por la tarde ha llegado lo que enviaste para mi, muchas gracias, ahora solo debo esperar Nochebuena para abrir mi regalo...no se si podre aguantar tanto tiempo, es como tener un chocolate y no poder comerlo ahhhh, maƱana con mas tiempo vere tu blog,
Recibe un abrazo muy grande

*karendianne. said...

I haven't used this but it really looks interesting and actually, I'd like to try it. ...for something small of course.