Thursday, December 31, 2009

How true....

I've always felt these few words some it all up. Maybe this will be the year we make more than we take.

Happy New Year everyone :o)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The idea for this post came to me about midnight last night................ why?

I've been off school for a week now, and still haven't 'finished' Beth's quilt........... why? The top is done, I'm just dragging my feet piecing the backing.

I remember when a project like this would have been done in a couple of days. It took me two days to put the borders on. Granted I spent part of that time at the dentist getting my tooth fixed.... but why?

I still have papers to grade and a new unit to develop for school.... of course I know why I'm avoiding those two jobs.

Have I lost my Mojo? Am I not trying very hard to get it back?


If any of you happen to figure this out, let me know.

2010 UFO Challenge

Amy emailed me today asking if I was going to organize another UFO Challenge. Why not????

I'll admit, I didn't get as many done as I wanted to last year, but it really got me to thinking about all the things I do need to get done. I have learned to set small goals for myself, and this challenge is a great way to help me reach some of those goals.

So here is the info:

1. Choose 10 of your UFOs. List them on a piece of paper, 1-10. Once you choose your ten UFOs, make a list and post it on your side bar. Then as you complete them, you can cross them out (if you know the HTML language for that); remove them from the list and/or create a completed list.

2. Each month, from January through October, I will choose a number 1-10 That is the UFO you will work on to complete during that month. (Let's take November and December off this year.... so crazy around the holidays.)

For example: if the number 4 is chosen in January, then I would work on whatever is #4 on my list

3. You have the month to finish the UFO and post a picture of it on your blog. Let me know it is finished so that I can post a note about it as well and we can all share in the joy of a finish!!!

Pretty painless right? No pressure, you work at your pace, finish what you can when you can. The idea is to try and get some UFOs out of the way.

Amy did an excellent job last year!! I don't know where she finds the energy or the time.

If you are interested in participating, please leave a comment here with your blog address so that I can list you on my sidebar and link to your blog. PLEASE MAKE SURE I CAN REPLY TO YOUR COMMENT - no-reply comments cannot be replied to; and if I can't access your blog we can't stay in touch.

You many join us at any time during the year.

Oh, and thanks to Google Images and Lost in Space. I always thought that Jupiter 2 was so cool :o)

Changing from No Reply

I've had a couple of emails asking me how to change the 'no-reply' setting on blogger. As near as I can tell it's like this:

Click on Edit Profile
Under Identity, you must list your email as user name AND email address
Under Privacy, I have the four boxes checked.

Not sure if this is all that needs done, but it is a start. Anyone else that uses blogger feel free to add anything you know.

Here's to future contact with many of my blog friends!

"NO-REPLY" comments

No-reply comments bother me. If you have your settings set at 'no-reply' and you ask me a question, I can't get back to you unless I can find your blog.

For example, someone posted a comment for a post I made AGES ago.... and her setting is 'no reply' and her blog is not public. I have no way of responding to her question.

So if you are set at 'no reply', consider changing your setting. I know I try to respond to as many comments as possible but feel bad when asked a question and I cannot respond.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I broke it.......

one of my teeth. I was working on a calcium chew that the doctor says I need now (getting old is a b****) and then suddenly I hit something hard. Thankfully the root isn't exposed so hot and cold are not bothering me. The rough edge, however, is bothering my cheek and I tend to chew on my right side all of the time (more information than you really wanted isn't it.)

So, this afternoon I will be at the dentist hopefully getting the outside of my tooth rebuilt.

It is amazing how life throws thing at you when you think everything couldn't be any better.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dinner and a show......

Kevin had to do a little work in the bathroom today and needed the ladder. Smokey decided to help him.


Only 364 days 'till Christmas..........

are you ready?????

There are more sales today than there were before. What is it with the American retail market?????

I am planning on going up to the mall only to get Abby's class ring re-sized. She can slip it down, but can't get it off over her knuckle.

I swear, if I see Valentine's stuff out I'll flip!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Good Morning/Evening to everyone.... I hope all of you celebrating this special time have had a wonderful day.

The ham is cooking, I have to make the mac and cheese and then we head over to the in-laws (only two houses away).

I participated in the Secret Santa Swap organized so expertly by Chookyblue. Cathy at Cabbage Quilts was my Secret Santa and sent me this lovely lap quilt/wall hanging. She wrapped it in a lovely piece of red fabric which I may use to make a hanging sleeve. She also sent me two of the cutest little pom-pom ornaments which are on the tree. Thank you so much Cathy!!!!

Take care and hug someone you love!!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weather......... can you guess????

Yep, it's snowing!!!! Our first big snow of the year. Actually the first big snow we've had in quite a few years. We are due for a hard winter; the last one we had with alot of snow was six years ago. Something told me this would be the year we get hit again.

I woke up at 4 am and looked out the window; not much happening at that time. By the time I got up at 7:30, things were well-coated. This picture was taken around noon.

So hubby and the kids are out shoveling the snow away from the doors. The crock-pot is cooking up a Cranberry Pork Roast. The kids decorated the tree and I got domestic and made chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter chocolate kiss cookies.

Now I might get some sewing done.

Snowy hugs!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Santa

Your elves at the Fat Quarter shop suggested that I write a letter to you as a little hint as to what I'd like to find in my stocking for Christmas.

I have chosen the Civil War Tribute FQ Bundle. They will look so lovely spinning around in my new washing machine (that had to come early Santa, sorry) and then look doubly lovely in a quilt for my hubby to use at his reenactments.

Please thank your elves for me Santa. They do so much for you throughout the year and sometimes I don't think the Elves get enough recognition.

There will be some cookies and egg-nog waiting for you this year; please tell Mrs. Claus hello for me too.

Happy Holidays!!!

What a wonderful package to receive

A couple of weeks ago I entered a giveaway on a whim over at Scotland for the Senses. I couldn't believe it when I read the email that I had won... what wonderful news to receive the day my washing machine died.

I received my winnings today and WOW!!!! What a surprise to see all of these wonderful things. A packet of wildflower seeds, a CD that Sophia mixed for me, Butter Tablets (very rich, like maple sugar candy), shortbread, a whiskey cake, a virtual tour of Scotland... it doesn't seem to come to an end.

Thank you so much Sophia!!! I might just share the shortbread with the family ....... I might :o)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winner of the Quickie Giveaway

Ok, I have the winner of the Quickie Giveaway. There were 12 comments; unfortunately one was an ANONYMOUS and I can't count that one as I don't have any way of contacting you.

So Abby has chosen a number between one and 11......................... and the winner issssssssssss

#3..... Barb!!!!

Barb, email me your name, address information and I'll get the bag to you ASAP.


More Sundae Quilters

This is what we looked like when not watching the Tree Hat dance LOL

I love these gals!!! We have such a great friendship and we learn from each other every day.

From left to right: Beth, Me, Donna, Bonnie, Fran, Judie, Belinda, Carole, and Jan.

Tilt your head to the left..........

Some of the Sundae Quilters got together today for a Christmas lunch at Red Robin. Beth celebrated the season with a fantastic Christmas Tree Hat.

Now I do apologize, I have never taken a video with my camera before and have now learned that you cannot turn the camera 'up-and-down'. So tilt your head to the left, and enjoy!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Washing Machines......


and extended warranties help too!

Quickie Giveaway

I'm trying to clean up again.....and found this pretty bag on a shelf. It is one of the Lazy Girl patterns and was a kit that I thought I had to have. I don't have the Bag-E bottom in it but I'm sure whomever gives it a home can take care of that.

Anyway, leave a comment.... I'll draw the name tomorrow (Sunday, EST) at 6:30 pm.


Secret Angel Gifty

I signed up for the Secret Angel group at school again this year. I've tried not to make a quilted gift so far this year as that is a dead giveaway...... no one else in the building quilts to my knowledge.

Anyway, I had this cut out for a year and finally put it together. My angel didn't have a good day on Wednesday so I decided to gift it to her on Thursday. So far I haven't heard anything... but I'm sure she knows that it is me.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When I see the blessing.......

This is when they know how lucky they are to be twins..... Geometry becomes much easier (even if they won't let me take their picture)

Friday, December 4, 2009

A major move in our family

We have finally decided to go to the fake side of the holiday.... fake tree that is. Kevin has allergies to some trees and while he did go through five years of allergy shots (mainly to keep the cat) I do think the real tree still bothers him. We also are tired of the mess and trying to keep the cat from drinking the water in the tree stand.

Now I'm not sure where I was when we bought it, but I honestly thought it was going to be bigger. So, we will build a little box for it, throw a piece of fabric over the box and Ta-Da!!! We have Christmas.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Washing Machine Woes

I'm having washing machine issues again... second time in two years.

So, I'm putting a call out there for some input in case I need to buy a new one. I need a top loader due to space limitations.

So, what do you have? Why did you buy it? What problems have you had? ETC.

Anything you can share is appreciated.

Gotta run to the inlaws to pick up a load of laundry!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Golden Threads Quilting Paper

Have any of you ever used the Golden Threads Quilting Paper??? I bought a roll a couple of years ago and never used it, until today. It really helps when you want a 'uniform' quilting design on something. In my case, it is this tablerunner.

I found a picture of holly leaves and berries on the web, printed it off, Abby traced it 12 times for me and now I'm quilting. I did discover that if you pre-punch holes to follow that it just shreds when you go back and quilt... thus the need for 12 copies of this design.

The design on the paper is on the left; the actual quilted motif on the right. I think I'll end up washing it to get all the little pieces of paper out... or just scrape with my finger nail. Haven't decided.

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say about the product. I love a good discussion.

End of the Turkey

Ok, the end of the turkey is at hand. I threw some onion, celery, carrots, and garlic in some EVOO and then the broth, potatoes, and turkey. Dried parsley, salt, and pepper also of course.

We'll see how it tastes later. Back to quilting my tablerunner.

PIF received

I received a surprise in the mail yesterday.... and honestly, I had forgotten about it (am I getting old?).

Cathy L. sent me this GORGEOUS bag made with Portabello Market fabrics and a lovely Christmas ornament.

Thank you so much Cathy.... I love them both!!!

Baby Quilt Finish

One of the teachers at school is expecting in January and the baby shower has been scheduled for tomorrow after school. So, while the top was done two months ago, I had to get it quilted and bound over the Thanksgiving break. I love the bright pinks and greens and a Turning 20 Again is a nice, fast, easy pattern.

I hope the baby likes it (and I hope Mom makes use of it).