Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy, Busy Today!!!

Today was a busy day..... brain wise that is.

The course that I teach is being restructured and I am to come up with a unit on Asia. Being a person that has to totally concentrate on what I am doing when it comes to school, I spent most of the day organizing my thoughts and getting a start on it.

As my reward, I started thinking about how I want to border my chunky churndash top that I made at retreat last weekend. Thankfully I have just enough of the red that I used in the hourglass blocks to make a one inch pieced border; then I'm going to put a one inch tan border. I wanted so badly to use something in my stash for the wider border but alas it shall not be. I found a really nice Civil War print of the rusty-red/tan flowers on dark brown at Hancocks of Paducah and just ordered three yards of it. I'll have enough for unpieced borders, the binding, and maybe part of the backing. I like to make scrappy backings for scrappy quilts... it helps to use up the stash.

And to top off a really great day, my hubby had put a crock-pot of chili on last night and it slow cooked nearly 24 hours. YUMMMMMMMMMMY!!!! I love it when I can go out and **POOF** supper is on the table. He's definitely a keeper.


Barb said...

OH YES bring on the crockpot anytime, I LOVE IT too! Focus Nancy focus...during Thanksgiving break (yikes) rest for the weary or better known as teachers! Good thoughts on your quilt border, sounds like it could work or be considered part of the study on Asia ;-)...(just teasing you)! When do you return to school? We return on Wednesday...and then it will be NO FOCUS for the students because they will be ready for Christmas break! Have a great week!

Barb said...

Yes, he is a keeper!!!

Jan said...

What a wonderful hubby :) I recommend keeping him!

Linda said...

That chili sounds so good I can almost smell it! ENJOY! I use my crock pot often so supper is almost ready when I arrive home from school.