Sunday, October 11, 2009

UFO Challenge

Did I choose a September UFO Challenge number? It isn't on my sidebar and if I did I can't remember what it was. Any of you that are doing this, could you let me know? Then I can pick one for October (or did I do that already).


Barb said...

Hey, how are you today...just can't answer your question but wanted to say hey ...

*karendianne. said...

Number 14 sounds like a good number to me.

janine b said...

hi nancy
i have been waiting and waitng and waiting............for september's
ufo #. LOL!! now that my sewing room is finished i might just have time to attempt it and oct!! have finished 4 so far this year. yay!! thanks for the incentive

scraphappy said...

So maybe next year we can make it a 10 month challenge and give everybody two "BYE" months. For us teachers we can skip August and September or September and October. I am still stuck on August, so If you choose September and October we can take it from there. I guess everyone else has been busy too.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Since August hit, I have NO CLUE about what is going on on my quilting front anymore, SO....if you chose a September one, it'll be news to me as well :0)

Two more weeks.....and I'll be back!!!!!!!

We'll see if I can catch up on the Aug, Sept and Oct UFO once I"m back... :)