Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Car and a Dead Car

I figured I had better introduce the new car. Thanks to the President's program we were able to trade in our '93 Voyager Mini-van for a new Chevrolet HHR. We've had it for a week and we really like it. Beth really likes the Broadway station on the XM radio.

Of course, now that we have the new car, the '04 Dodge Caravan has pitched a fit and busted a belt. It smells like burned rubber in the garage, but thankfully it happened today and not tomorrow when Kevin rides to Dulles to pick up Erin. She's coming home after six weeks in England.... and I'm anxious to see her.

Hope you all have happy vehicles!!


Eileen said...

AH, great for you and agree about the XM radio. I got a new Impala in Jan and the radio has run out now. Stil have the OnStar for a year and then have to start paying. Lucky You though to get in on the junker sale.Or nice of the President.

Bunny said...

Beautiful car, congratulations. Too bad about the dead car.eleumust

Linda said...

I love mine. It's getting 27 miles per gallon in the city and it's 4 years old. I guess I could take advantage of the President's program....but I'd have to buy something like a Prius to qualify for gas savings. Oh well, it's paid off next month....I suppose since my HHR has been so good to me, I'll keep it and have my car payment to put away for a rainy day (or some fabric)