Sunday, August 16, 2009

The light bulb came on again!

I'm going to be teaching a tote bag class next weekend and need to get my sample pieces ready. I decided to cross-hatch the outside pieces. I start out making one line in two of the corners as a starting point, then use the 'little metal thingy' on my walking foot as a guide set at 2.5-inches.

Going along the first side, I was eye-balling the angle to start at when I thought, ' why not put a piece of blue painters tape on the table surface in line with the metal thingy?' That way I can line-up the line I just quilted on the tape and hopefully it will be a little better than eye-balling from a couple of inches away.

Here are some pics if you aren't sure what I'm talking about.

Does anyone else have these light-bulb moments??


pajudie said...

Good job, Nancy - isn't it amazing when those "light bulbs" illuminate??? I checked out the Scotland blog - great!! Checked out Dunvegan Castle also - that's where my McLeod ancestors are from. Now I'm going downstairs to work on some "chunks" until Laurie, Rich & the boys show up - aren't you proud of me???

Barb said...

Great idea!!!

Vicki W said...

Not often enough!

sewtakeahike said...

horray for lightbulb moments!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Yep!....sometimes that light bulb comes's not always real bright....or maybe it's a three-way.....!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...please visit often...i enjoy new friends......LindaMay

ps....24 years with the Palm Beach County School District on the financial end of things...ugh!!

GARI said...

I am always impressed when people are willing to teach. I can do things but fear teaching others as I am not always sure what I did to achieve my end result.

Nancy, I didn't even see Crocs for sale but that may have been that we didn't go into but one reglar store. Still looking: I have to travel again Friday and will look again.