Monday, August 10, 2009

Dead Van update

First of all this is not my van........ it is a picture of what my van looks like that I found through Google Images. I am sure that this van actually runs.

I love my mechanic........ he is my new best friend. I called up today (less than a mile 'behind us over the hill) and wasn't sure I would get anyone on the phone as they don't have operating hours on Monday. Yahoo!!!! Someone answered. When I told the gal what was up, she said "Hold on" and the next thing I knew my favorite car dude was on the phone asking "What did you do now???". Of course my response was "I wasn't driving..... HE was".... which got him to laugh.

Long story short, when I described what happened he said "Are you gonna be there a while? It sounds like you have more wrong than a busted belt." HOW MANY MECHANICS MAKE HOUSE CALLS!!!!!! Apparently the AC pump locked up.

He drove it up (power steering is out), I drove his truck...... and he brought me back.

You know, Random Acts of Kindness still exist in this messed up world. I think there is hope for the future yet.


Vicki W said...

I think I know who you need to give a quilt to!

PattiCakes said...

Cripes. I view cars as a necessary evil. I think we have single-handedly but at least one of our mechanic's kids through school. And he's an honest guy.

Sweet P said...

What an awesome mechanic! You are one lucky gal.

tgr4life said...

Sure it was kind. But I strongly believe that what comes around goes around. You must be kind to others. :)