Thursday, August 20, 2009

AQS now hosting the Lancaster Show

I just got an email newsletter that AQS is hosting the Lancaster Quilt Show in March, 2010. Just wanted to pass along the news.

Quilty hugs and dreams!!!


Pat said...

I had heard this awhile back from a lady who owns a bed and breakfast in Lancaster County...but at that time, the plans weren't 100% definite. I'm glad to hear of this now!!!

Pat said...

You beat me to it! I'm so glad it hasn't folded.

Bonnie said...

I had heard the show was for sale for something over a million dollars. Hopefully AQS didn't have to spend that much for it... or they have reserved a differing time. THANKS so much for sharing this info. I haven't gotten a postcard -- hum, I wonder if I will -- I don't think I belong to AQS anymore... B