Friday, July 17, 2009

You know its a good day.........

when you get to meet a blog friend. Eileen of My Quilting Porch came up to visit our guild's show today. She is such a wonderful lady........ so full of life and sunshine and a warm, inviting smile . I wish I had had more time to sit and chat, but being the chair of the show, well....... I was running a little frantic this morning.

Eileen....... I'm so glad you came up. I hope to be able to come down and sit and quilt with you some day.


Barb said...

It sounds like you are running a well planned show, but I am not surprised! I wanted so badly to travel to your show...but not meant to be because of an all day event on Sunday, I just need to be home tomorrow! Have fun Nancy, maybe we can connect in Hershey :>)!!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Look at you go! And here I thought you had said you wouldn't be around much until this show was over?!?!? Hmmm....?!?!?


I love the monkeys too!

Pauline said...

wow look great!!!!!!!! glad you had a nice time though. I wanted to go too..but thought my arms might get a little tired with the long flight...ha hah