Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wonder from Down Under

Thanks to the internet, I have had the joy of meeting a few people from Down Under. In fact, one of the gals, Pauline (affectionately known as Wattiepoo) spent some time in my home a few years ago while visiting the US with her daughter. I hope someday to have the opportunity to visit her.

As a result of these many wonderful friendships, I was given many Fat Quarters of New Zealand and Australia themed fabrics. I have often thought about how to use them.... or if I wanted to cut them up at all, they are all so lovely.

While surfing the other day, I came upon a free pattern here. While it is reminiscent of a Turning 20 (or one of its many variations) I think it will be a wonderful way to showcase all of these fabrics. I even have some pieces that I can used in a pieced backing.

This may very well be the last quilt top of the summer before school starts so I had best get started. Of course, right now I cannot find the camera and I'm hoping that either Kevin has it, it is down in the van, or I accidentally left it at the church after the quilt show.

Maybe I should start tying things around my neck............. UGH!!!!

UPDATE: Camera is with Kevin......... forgot he was taking it to work to get some pics of a Red Tail Hawk hanging around the office. On the quilt, I'm going to use brown where the thin strips are..... putting the prints together is just too much scramble. Will post pics soon.


Pat said...

I hope you find your camera soon. Thank you for the pattern link. I have been collecting batiks for a long time now and this may be just the pattern to use with them!

Living on the Spit said...

Oh, how nice and that you saved those fabrics for the perfect project. I can not wait to see go find the camera!!!

julieQ said...

How nice! I have a few Australian fabrics, I love them. Can't wait until I can see what you do with them!