Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sunset on the 4th of July

Kevin, Abby, Beth, and I went over to our friends Judie and Wards to celebrate the holiday. Of course, I failed to pull the camera out while we were there....... you know how it is when you get to talking.

Well on the way home, the sky was this brilliant orange, yellow, and pink over the mountains to the west. So Kevin pulled over and I got the camera out. I took one picture on the 'regular' setting and then remembered I could set it for nighttime.

The darker picture is at the first setting, the lighter one is on the night setting. Maybe now would be a good time to read the manual for this thing.


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Jan said...

Whow, what a difference changing the mode on that camera made!!! Awesome sunset :) Awesome recipe in the post below too! Tks for sharing ... I will definitely try 'em for my honey :)