Sunday, July 12, 2009


I'm looking at my sewing room today........ it still looks like it threw up. My space is limited and I know there is something I should be doing with it all.

Anyway, I'm wondering how you all organize things in your life.

For example............ I've been reading a lot about Google Reader. What's the advantage? Disadvantage? Just wondering why you like it.

Patterns............. how do you keep your patterns organized? I thought about putting them on a ring...... but then where to hang it. And, would it be helpful to actually type up a list?

Books.......... same as patterns (without the ring)....... typing a list?

Fabrics......... by color? theme? designer? manufacturer????

I do keep my life fairly organized. I realized after I got married and had kids that a calendar in my purse was a HUGE had-to-have. I am nowhere near as organized as the picture I found to go along with this post. Lining up pencils takes time away from other things.

So if you care to take a moment and offer some feedback, I'd appreciate it. It's not to late to learn and to change.

Musing Hugs!


Vicki W said...

I absolutely love Google Reader. With a reader I only read the blogs with updates. You can keep up with a larger number of blogs if you have a reader. I have over 500 in mine.

Yes, that's a little excessive. I don't recommend it!

lesthook said...

I can give my take on google reader. Before,I would keep all the blogs I like in my favorites on AOL. I have a lot of favorites!When I would go down the list seeing what was new I might click on 10 sites before finding a new post. Google reader only gives me the new posts. Saves a ton of time!

Quilt Pixie said...

I love google reader -- the subscribe and "next" bittons for my web browser make it super easy to read a blog with a new post between other computer activities throughout my day....

I fold fabric yardage and sort by colour grouping. Conversation/novelty prints are all together as if they were a colour... Fat quarter sized pieces are folded and stored seperate from the yardage. I stand them "on edge" filing the container so they don't fall over so I can see what I have easily. I group colours together here too (so the reds are in the same area of one container, while the blues are in another area...)

The biggests trick to orgainizing I've learned is that eveything needs to have a home -- it might not be in its home, but it has one! If I don't have somewhere to store something I don't buy it. It means it is actually possible to pick up and not look cluttered moving stuff from one pile to another...

Pat said...

I like to use Google Reader to follow my favorite blogs.

As for my sewing room, it has to become a bedroom for the grandkids when they visit, so I have to keep things in those ugly plastic drawers on wheels and move them OUT of the sewing room when the grandkids are here. But...I do have an additional closet in another room and a dresser in another room. I keep fabrics organized by color, for the most part but keep things like all my batiks together...all my florals together...all my juvenile prints together. I do have a typed list of all my patterns and books. When there is a quilt show in town or I'm going to buy a new book or pattern at the quilt shop, I take my lists. (I did this because TWICE I bought a duplicate and I have vowed never to do that again!) I'd love to have a spacious sewing room that could STAY a sewing room and not have to become a kids' bedroom several times a year,'s just not in the cards for me for quite awhile yet....if ever. Good luck with your organization efforts!

Suzan said...

Google Reader - love it.
Fabric - fat quarters are separated by color and are stored in sweet little boxes
Fabric - smaller yardage is folded and stored in fabric baskets
Fabric - yardage more than 5 yards is stored on cardboard bolts that fabric stores throw away when they are empt. (I just started doing this and love the way it looks.
Floor to ceiling wire shelving holds just about everything.
Patterns are in a drawer of my sewing desk. It is about the size of a file cabinet drawer and is designed to hold patterns. I made up indicies to sort them.
*Note - just because I have an organization system doesn't mean I always use it!! :)

Pauline said...

organisation!!!!!!! whats that??????? cant help ya there mate...ha ha

paula, the quilter said...

• Love Google Reader as, like VickiW, I have a lot of blogs to read.
• Fabric: FQ are in an antique glass fronted bookcase and are sorted by color. Anything over 1/2 yard is folded and put on the wire shelves by color in the closet.
• Threads and embellishement fiber are in a set of drawers that tuck under my sewing cabinet.
• Patterns, for me, generally are garment patterns and reside in the 2-drawer file cabinet. They fit nicely side-by-side in a drawer.
• Books are organized using
• Scraps go into empty, clean 5-gal paint buckets. One for lights and one for darks.

jillquilts said...

The only thing that I can REALLY comment on is the Google Reader. I like that it saves time on having to load entire pages of blogs. You can go through all of that and then see that there are not updates and you just wasted a bit of time. Even more time if you are on dial up. Plus, I can scroll through my list to see who is updating like crazy and either read them all now, or move on. And if someone has like 10 new posts, I can just read 5 and it keeps track of what I have read and what I haven't read. When you scroll through blogs using a blog ring or something, you still may miss posts.

I keep my small patterns in a basket and my full sized paper and copied/free patterns in a binder and organized with other class handouts. I haven't really found a good way to organize my books yet. But they are within easy reach of my sewing table as is my binder.

And my fabric - fuhgedaboutit!! It's not organized AT ALL!! :)

Good luck! Hope this helps!