Monday, July 13, 2009

Organization Part 2

Well I started putting things in places this morning in the sewing room, and well...... the whole room got 'placed'. I pulled out all of the scrap pieces that I thought I was going to cut down and well...... they are now in a box slated to go to the Quilts of Valor gal at my quilt guild. Reality bit me in the butt again.

I wish I had a before pic............ sorry. But here it is now and I really hope it stays this way for a while.



Beth said...

Looks great BFF! I see you moved things around again....hehehehe

Now where am I gonna set up when I come visit??? LOL

Bonnie said...

Nancy -- several things popped out at me while looking at the enlarged versions of your pictures. 1) looks good! 2) Smarty pants -- you have 2 irons... Maybe I need to do that too. 3) Love your white furniture -- share a little about it...

Hope you are now quilting up a storm instead of cleaning! Bonnie in the Poconos.

Sweet P said...

Great job on the organizing! I need to get into my studio and do the same. I hope to get started on it today.