Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tri-recs ruler and Jelly Roll Strips

I recently bought the book "Layer Cake, Jelly Roll, and Charm Quilts by Pam and Nickey Lintott. I want to make a quilt in it that is similar to a 54-40 in that it has the 60-degree star points. In the directions they have you using templates and a method to put the side triangles on the background triangles of the star points.

here is my question............ is it possible to use the tri-recs ruler on a jelly roll strip? I'd be going perpendicular to what the directions on the ruler say (using a 2.5-inch strip and going along the length of the strip instead of a 4.5-inch strip..... can you picture this???)

Anyway.... what do you think? Will it make a difference when putting the side triangles onto the background triangle for the star points?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rachel's Giveaway

Rachel asked the other day "What would you buy at the Fat Quarter Shop if you had $50?" Seeing the post, the FQ Shop has donated a gift certificate for a giveaway. Click on the picture on the sidebar and find out how you can enter to win.

So many giveaways this month......... I might have to think of something.

Wonder from Down Under Part 2

Now that the camera is home, I can take a picture of my Australian and New Zealand fabrics in the quilt pattern that I found here. I modified it a bit.... taking the 2.5" strips of the different fabrics out and replacing with brown.... it was way too busy when I left them in.

I have scrappy border strips to add to it..... they are cut across the strip sets at 2.5" wide. I'm thinking it needs a 2.5" brown border, then the scrappy strips, then another brown border. Of course, that means I have to go get more brown. MIL is traveling down near the shop tomorrow and said she'd pick it up for me.

I wasn't too sure about this one when I was making the blocks. Now that they are together I like it.

A Totally COOL Giveaway

There is a totally cool giveaway going on..... Ice Cream!!! What more could a gal ask for. And being a member of the Sundae Quilters I must win this one.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day with Friends

Today was a great day!!! A few of my 'sistas' were over today......... Judie, Jeane, Donna, Patti, and Beth. It was great to be able to kick back, relax, stitch, and share with good friends. I hope they all had as good a day as I did.

Love you gals!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Kim's Having a Giveaway

Kim is so talented and creative. She has posted a giveaway on her blog for this cute little bag; the tutorial is at Moda Bake Shop. Travel on over and follow her instructions to enter..... but of course, I'm going to win (giggle).

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A quilt's new home and a really big cat

Today I had the pleasure of having lunch with Ginny, my mentor teacher last year and the gal for whom I made the blue tea-cup quilt. She went home and totally re-made her bedroom to go with the quilt.

Here is a pic of her room. She originally wanted to go with blue walls, but couldn't find the right blue, so the Sherwin-Williams paint guru suggested grey.... I think it turned out well.

On another note, meet Cinnamon. Cinnamon is HUGE!!!!!! At least 25 pounds of cat..... I couldn't hold him for very long. And my vet thinks Smokey is big at 11 pounds????????

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wonder from Down Under

Thanks to the internet, I have had the joy of meeting a few people from Down Under. In fact, one of the gals, Pauline (affectionately known as Wattiepoo) spent some time in my home a few years ago while visiting the US with her daughter. I hope someday to have the opportunity to visit her.

As a result of these many wonderful friendships, I was given many Fat Quarters of New Zealand and Australia themed fabrics. I have often thought about how to use them.... or if I wanted to cut them up at all, they are all so lovely.

While surfing the other day, I came upon a free pattern here. While it is reminiscent of a Turning 20 (or one of its many variations) I think it will be a wonderful way to showcase all of these fabrics. I even have some pieces that I can used in a pieced backing.

This may very well be the last quilt top of the summer before school starts so I had best get started. Of course, right now I cannot find the camera and I'm hoping that either Kevin has it, it is down in the van, or I accidentally left it at the church after the quilt show.

Maybe I should start tying things around my neck............. UGH!!!!

UPDATE: Camera is with Kevin......... forgot he was taking it to work to get some pics of a Red Tail Hawk hanging around the office. On the quilt, I'm going to use brown where the thin strips are..... putting the prints together is just too much scramble. Will post pics soon.

Friday, July 17, 2009

You know its a good day.........

when you get to meet a blog friend. Eileen of My Quilting Porch came up to visit our guild's show today. She is such a wonderful lady........ so full of life and sunshine and a warm, inviting smile . I wish I had had more time to sit and chat, but being the chair of the show, well....... I was running a little frantic this morning.

Eileen....... I'm so glad you came up. I hope to be able to come down and sit and quilt with you some day.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lancaster Show Closed????

Did anyone else here this news???? I was told in an email from a nationally known teacher that the Lancaster show is closed... no more, gone.


Addendum: Ok, I checked with some of my guild friends today at the show (Friday) and they said yes it is sold..... but no one knows who bought it. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Absent for a few (unless I can't sleep)

This is the weekend for our Guild Show, and being the chairperson, I'm gonna be running around like a nut (thus the monkey theme this week).

Hugs and love to all my blog friends. Have wonderful rest of the week!

I did it!!!

I'm not sure why I'm sitting here doing this......... determination I guess (I'm dog tired after getting the preliminary work done for the quilt show).

I was sure I could figure out how to export my bloglines list to Google Reader...... I'd done it once. Low and behold, I scrollllllllllllllllllllllled down to the bottom of the list and there was this little "EXPORT" tab.

It is amazing what determination can do when you are dead on your feet.

I so totally rock tonight !!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blueberry Pudding

Each year Kevin gets a 10 pound box of blueberries from the Kiwanis Club. I made a blueberry pudding tonight and thought I'd share the recipe with you all.

Blueberry Pudding

1 pt blueberries
1/3 C butter
1 egg
1 C flour
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 C milk
1 Tbsp cornstarch
1 C boiling water

Wash fruit and put in an 8 x 11 pan (or a deep-dish pie pan) I made this tonight using a redware pie dish. After 60 minutes it was still a little doughy in the center. I highly recommend a 10-12 inch round dish with straight sides, 2-3 inches high. Cream butter and 3/4 C sugar; add egg and beat. Sift together the flour, salt, and baking powder. Add alternately with the milk. Spread over the berries.
Mix 1 cup sugar and cornstarch; sprinkle over the batter evently. Pour boiling water over the top.
Bake at 350 F for 40-45 minutes. Check to make sure center is done. If not, put back in for a few minutes and check again.

Serve warm and pour milk over it......... YUMMY!!!

NOTE: You may want to put a cookie sheet under your pan in case it boils over

Monday, July 13, 2009

Organization Part 2

Well I started putting things in places this morning in the sewing room, and well...... the whole room got 'placed'. I pulled out all of the scrap pieces that I thought I was going to cut down and well...... they are now in a box slated to go to the Quilts of Valor gal at my quilt guild. Reality bit me in the butt again.

I wish I had a before pic............ sorry. But here it is now and I really hope it stays this way for a while.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today's Project

Getting my quilts ready for the show has been my focus this week. I still have to get one hanging sleeve sewn on.

Today, however, I decided to work on a new bag. It is the Claire Bag from Lazy Girl Designs. I like the bag, the instructions are easy to follow. I added some interfacing to the outside pocket... and next time I might also add some to the inside pockets. The next one won't have the fabrics in 'opposite' positions next time either. I think I'll do the handles differently as well, but hey, this was as learning experience.

I put a magnetic closure on the inside and honestly it is so tight I'm worried I might rip the bag when opening it. But it's there now.

Anyway, it looks so summery...... I really like it.

Quilty Hugs!

Being good is so hard - Part 2

For those of you who read the earlier post regarding the book and fabric I REALLY want and encouraged me to go for it...............

I have purchased the book.

The gal at the shop is going to see about the fabric.

Please don't tell Kevin............... thanks, I knew I could count on my friends. (hehehe)


I'm looking at my sewing room today........ it still looks like it threw up. My space is limited and I know there is something I should be doing with it all.

Anyway, I'm wondering how you all organize things in your life.

For example............ I've been reading a lot about Google Reader. What's the advantage? Disadvantage? Just wondering why you like it.

Patterns............. how do you keep your patterns organized? I thought about putting them on a ring...... but then where to hang it. And, would it be helpful to actually type up a list?

Books.......... same as patterns (without the ring)....... typing a list?

Fabrics......... by color? theme? designer? manufacturer????

I do keep my life fairly organized. I realized after I got married and had kids that a calendar in my purse was a HUGE had-to-have. I am nowhere near as organized as the picture I found to go along with this post. Lining up pencils takes time away from other things.

So if you care to take a moment and offer some feedback, I'd appreciate it. It's not to late to learn and to change.

Musing Hugs!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

United Breaks Guitars

We were watching FOX News this morning and a story came on about a guy from Canada who's guitar was broken (actually tossed around the tarmac) by United employees. After a year of haggling with them, he finally made this video on YouTube.......... totally funny.

He has an incredible voice and no doubt will launch a country music career with this.

Of course now United is talking to him.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Looking for..............

You know how it is. You fall in love with a fabric line, and then when you figure out what you want to do with it, you can't find some of the fabric that you need for the project.

So, I'm making an appeal. I am looking for the following (both by Moda)

Portobello Market Fat Quarters:

4 blue
4 red
4 light
1 layer cake

Nature's Chorus Fat Quarters:

4 pink
4 blue (or green)
4 light
1 yard of one of the fabrics for binding

If any of you happen to have these and are willing to part with them for a trade or monetary exchange, please let me know. I have three Portobello Market and one Nostalgia Jelly Rolls I can trade if you are interested.

Thanks for your help blog friends!!

Chambersburg Quilt Guild Quilt Show

My guild (Chambersburg Quilt Guild) holds a show every other year in July and this is a show year. We have over 200 entries this year..... our biggest show ever!!!! I am chairing this year and I have an incredible group of ladies under me making sure that all preparations are ready to go.

This is a picture of the postcard that out publicity chair, Judie, made up. The colors on the picture don't do justice to the quilt but believe me it is lovely. The border is blue and gold and the flowers are all dresden plates - some made up of a plate on top of a plate.

Many guild members had a hand in making the quilt, as we also do with all of our raffle quilts.

If you are in the area and are able to come, the show is July 17-18 in Chambersburg, PA. Information can be found at the guild website (just click on the name of the guild above).

Quilty Hugs,

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Charming Girls Quilt Club

While checking my bloglines, I came across a post on Dandelion Quilts about the Charming Girls Quilt Club. What neat way to help you get UFOs done. I might have a chance to get a couple done this summer by the deadline........ during school might be a stretch. But the great thing is that there is no pressure to finish it unless you want to be in the monthly drawing.

Click on the picture on the sidebar to get all the information. I'm gonna give it a whirl. I'm game to try anything to get some of these UFOs done.

Sunset on the 4th of July

Kevin, Abby, Beth, and I went over to our friends Judie and Wards to celebrate the holiday. Of course, I failed to pull the camera out while we were there....... you know how it is when you get to talking.

Well on the way home, the sky was this brilliant orange, yellow, and pink over the mountains to the west. So Kevin pulled over and I got the camera out. I took one picture on the 'regular' setting and then remembered I could set it for nighttime.

The darker picture is at the first setting, the lighter one is on the night setting. Maybe now would be a good time to read the manual for this thing.

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

A friend shared this recipe with me and I thought I'd pass it along to you. These cookies are totally yummyiful.

Cake Mix Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 box Betty Crocker Cake Mix - Butter Flavored Yellow
2 eggs
1/2 cup veggie oil
1 bag mini chocolate chips

Oven 350 degrees

Mix all ingredients; drop by tablespoonful onto parchment paper lined cookie sheets. Bake 10-12 minutes; cool for 2 on sheets. Remove to wax paper and cool completely.


Happy 4th of July

So this makes the USA 233 years old (if my math is correct). Happy Birthday!!! Hope those of you that are celebrating have a wonderful day!