Friday, June 26, 2009

We have survived

One of the twins, Beth, got all four of her impacted wisdom teeth removed yesterday and she must be a miracle child .............. I think that at this moment she is going to warm up a piece of pizza and going to try and nibble on it with her front teeth.
Saturday morning update: No pizza was harmed in the making of supper last night. I think the stiffness is settling in and she just didn't want to admit it.
Thank you to those who have left comments of encouragement. She is a trooper and so far doing well.


Pat said...

Hope Beth feels better soon......she sounds like she has a lot of spunk....good for her!!!

Barb said...

Good luck Beth ☺! Are the cheeks and jaws that lovely color of purple/blue and then soon to be yellow/green! Both of my kids had the four wisdom teeth removed, and one faithfully used the ice packs and had no problems...the other one, felt good the first day and the second day the swelling set in, and "oh my" the colors that set into the face...that one should have listened the first day ☺...what does mom know anyway ;>)!! I guess since I never had to have the proceedure done, I really didn't know *or did I*? Hope Beth enjoys the pizza!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I may have to print out this post and keep it taped up on the fridge. I keep putting off having my wisdom teeth pulled----I'm SUCH a baby!
It's soooo nice hearing a "good" dentist story for once!

Beth said...

Huggers Bethy!!! Take care and feel better soon!