Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Really getting into these Hexagons

Now that school is winding down, I can spend a little more time in the sewing room. My time has been taken up by cutting out 2.5" squares to make my Grandmother's Flower Garden. If I really work at it, I can get a flower together in a couple of hours (after the fabric is basted around the paper pieces).

I really like using the pre-cut pieces from Paper Pieces. I would much rather spend the money on machine cut pieces than worry about whether or not my cutting is spot-on and the pain of ending up with pieces all different sizes.

I am finding that I am running out of fabric combinations - I guess I'll have to start using fabrics again or...... horror of horrors......... have to buy more (giggle).


Bunny said...

Love your Hexagons and yes they are addictive. I have been able to make about 60 of them so far. Yours are so pretty.

Quilt Online said...


Rosaline said...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this post. I've been looking for at least 6 months for these cut out pieces, as the ones I bought several years ago are loosing their crispness. I made several of my own, and believe me, they're not very good. And, I don't like the freezer paper method, or Inkingo method. Anyway, I can't find them anywhere in local quilt shops and tried searching on the net with no luck. THANK-YOU. I just hope they ship to Canada.

Jan said...

Love the "Mother's Flower Garden!!!" It's on that mile long list of "someday" for me :)