Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's here........... it's finally here!!!

Summer's here and the time is right........ for dancin' in the street!!!

Ok, so I'm not dancing in the street (it is raining after all), but today was the last day of school. The students left at 10:20 am and I was gone at 1 pm.

What will tomorrow bring?

Making Strawberry Jam, shampooing carpets, washing down woodwork, .............. my kids love summer.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Yeah......**dancin' in the street with you!**

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy; and hopefully you'll get some "you" time in and not just all those house-hold duties! Happy Summer

LindaLee said...

Have a great summer! If the students only knew that we count down the days as much as they do!!

I am a new quilter! I took Amy's quilting class last winter and her enthusiasm is contagious. Now I am hooked.

I am also new to blogging!

Vicki W said...

Yeah for you!

Suzan said...

Enjoy yourself!!

Bonnie said...

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy -- where is your quilt all day, go on a fabric shop hop, pick new patterns? What is with the wash the wood works. Honestly, how can you call yourself a quilter!!! You going to Hershey for the quilt show? B

Jeanne said...

Enjoy your summer!

Becky said...

Make sure you have some play time! Breathe deep and enjoy!