Monday, June 29, 2009

Is this really a sale????

First of all, an apology to any men out there that read my blog.

I received a catalog in the mail today, bras are on sale. Woohoo!! Time to replace some so they are brand spanking new when school starts.

Ok, so after picking out four, I total up the bill, add the shipping, have to pay tax on the shipping to Pennsylvania and the grand total is $97.36!!!!

Is this really a sale?????? I'm starting to think that burning these puppies isn't such a bad idea after all.

Oh the price we pay to stay perky; I hope all of you men appreciate this and don't bitch about the bills when they come.

Cross your heart hugs to all of you gals out there,


Pat said...

hahaha........I hear ya!!!

GARI said...

Really funny. The true is that I pretty much gave up wearing one of those things when I retired 3 years ago, tomorrow!