Monday, June 22, 2009

Back to School

I'm probably going to be a little quiet this week. I'm taking a class (all day, all week) on Technology in the Classroom. Needless to say it may be intense at times and I won't be blogging a whole lot (unless I need something totally un-related to school to get my mind re-charged LOL).

Today we manipulated things in Word, and while I've done a lot with Word I did learn how to Group objects and text into one unit..... that helped. We also began working with Movie Maker. I've worked in this program twice with the help of my daughter Abby (you know you are techno-challenged when your 15-year old daughter can teach you what to do).

So, please understand that I am here, I haven't forgotten about you all and I wish I could just view blogs all week (oh, and sew).

Back to school hugs to you all!!!


Barb said...

Good luck with your class Nancy, our teachers are coming back in to start trainings too...and some are looking OK about it, and some are frustrated! I am sure you will end the week on a positive note, having learned lots!

Bonnie said...

Oh please Nancy. You aren't techno-challenged. She's a digital native. She probably wouldn't even know how to dial a rotary phone. Geez. You'll have fun at the class especially learning cool little tips like grouping things. Have fun. B, former media specialist and mini-computer guru... until I decided I'd had enough new stuff in computers! I'd learn it, not use it, and forget it so I'd be useless when someone came with a question!

Pat said...

Good luck with your course. I'm sure you'll do just fine.