Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What makes it a salad?

I just finished my ham salad sandwich........... it was very yummiful by the way. But now, being in one of those contemplative moods that strikes now and then, I'm wondering WHY is ham salad a salad? Why is chicken salad a salad?

I think of salad as something that has lettuce and assorted veggies in it. Sometimes you add eggs, meat, dried fruit, nuts, etc., but I see Ham salad as diced up ham and mayo, maybe some pickle or pepper. So why is it a salad?

According to Dictionary.com a salad, which is a noun by the way, is any of various dishes consisting of foods, as meat, seafood, eggs, pasta, or fruit, prepared singly or combined, usually cut up, mixed with a dressing, and served cold: chicken salad; potato salad.

So i guess that answers my question.
Now on to the Coconut Cream Pie. Don't worry, I'm not contemplating why this is pie; I'm just enjoying it for what it is.

Carry on and have a good day.


Jen said...

I contemplate things like this too. Like which ingredient makes a cobb salad a cobb salad??

Julie said...

I wouldn't mind having some coconut cream pie myself!!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...


enough said!

pwl said...

To me - the less lettuce in a salad, the better! (Hmmm... guess that shows how many times I've been on a diet.)