Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hooked on Hexies

I've discovered Hexagons!!!

Two weeks ago when Mr. Penguin and I were traveling to Richmond, VA to see the eldest daughter and pick up her fridge, I decided I needed an 'in the car" project. So that morning I quickly cut out some 2.5" squares, grabbed the pre-cut hexagons that I had purchased at Lancaster years ago, and went to it.

I'm hooked!!!

I decided to use my 30's prints. I'm trying to pair up prints (size and color) that compliment each other and use a solid for the center that goes with both. I think they are turning out well so far. I found the nifty box at Wal-mart to hold everything.

So that is one of many projects I'm working on right now. School is winding down (17.5 days left) and hopefully I'll get some sewing done this summer.

Until next time!


Piwacket said...

Very pretty!

Lissa Jane said...

Uh OH.. consider yourself warned.. Hexagons are addictive...

Nancy I finally got that bag pattern, its been on backorder that long. I need your snail mail possum...