Thursday, April 2, 2009

What do do, what to do

I love 30's repro fabrics. I've loved them since I was little. There was a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt that I used to keep on my bed, and needless to say it was loved so much that all I have is one block. I have since found out that it was my sisters and was made by our mother.

As you can see, my collection of 30's fabrics runneth over. So I think I've narrowed down my decision as to what to do with them to three choices.

These are all Bonnie Hunter patterns and I know with minimal prep time, I can have the pieces ready to take to retreat on April 17th. Of course, there are other projects I can take that I really need to finish.......... but it is always so much more fun to start something new and feel like I am busting stash.

*SIGH*............ desicions, decisions. What's a girl to do????


sheddy said...

I made Pineapple Blossom with my
30's and I love it. Have fun at your retreat!

scraphappy said...

It looks like you have enough fabric to make more than one of those quilts! I love the Pineapple Star -- I've made it three times I think and I'd do it again tomorrow.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Pineapple Blossoms is my vote---just because it LOOKS so complicated! It's bound to "wow" on-lookers! Looking at your stack, I didn't see much (if any) lights??? Would it be difficult to find a light(s)?

Anyway---just my $.02 :0)

Kucki68 said...

Strip twist is one I would love to see with 30s fabrics.