Thursday, April 2, 2009

Virus Warning

So I'm surfing my blog roll and I clicked on "The Pioneer Woman" and all of the sudden my lap top starts squealing and the little man inside (yes, I know there is a little man inside, maybe an Oompa Loompa..... I know this because he talks to me) says "Warning!! A virus has been detected!"

It was like a combination of the Robot on Lost in Space and the Red Alert siren from Star Trek.

Anyway, I had looked at the Pioneer Woman's post through bloglines earlier and she said her server had crashed. I really hope this virus isn't the reason why.

So I've sent a message to my BFF asking her to email about this and perhaps it can be fixed. In the mean time I just won't visit the blog (sniff sniff) and I hope none of you that visit it experience this virus warning thing........... almost pee'd my pants.


Anonymous said...

same thing happened to me
she really needs to fix that

leena said...

I had the same experience - the first notice said HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen. It happened once more as I scrolled by one of her photos. My AVIRA let me delete them and I moved on to other places to surf. That was a couple days ago. Last night, I went back to Pioneer Woman and right after than, I began getting this AV message:
Trojan attack - TR/Drop Agent.qkm. I am getting these notices of a trojan every 5 to 30 minutes and have spent hours today trying to find a fix. Not good, not good at all. If someone has her email, she needs to be told. As popular as her site is, thousands are going to get this I fear. Really really annoying to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Yes- I got it too as soon as I clicked on the Cooking Page. My AVG and Spybot both went nuts. Still popping up constantly though now it is saying Trojan Rootkit. It keeps "healing" the attacks bu it is mega annoying. I just visited her website and she said she will post a fix soon. I really can't afford to call the computer guy.

carass said...

Same here. I've been going crazy on the Avira forums trying to get help! It just won't go away... not cool. It seems like no one can figure out what this thing is! Incredibly annoying, to say the least.

Danja said...

I got the same virus. And it happened at work too. I am still cleaning my laptop, and I hope I can fix it. Not cool, I am done with her website.

Jaime said...

Same thing happened to me and I had to have my I.T. guy clean my laptop for an entire day! Anyone know if it's fixed yet? I really need the Mexican Lasagna recipe!