Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When you ask a question be prepared for the answer...

So yesterday's question was ........ "How many feeds does a girl need?"

I love asking questions but even more so finding out the answers. I've heard back from many wonderful bloggers and honestly, I was amazed. I've heard from people who have 50 feeds to 600 hundred feeds (I did start to ask how she manages them all..... and then decided I would be better off not knowing LOL).

The recurring theme I drew from all of the comments was "My feeds are like my links to my friends". And I totally agree. It is amazing how the world has shrunk through the internet, and we can feel connected through blogging. I found the picture when I did a search on google for 'blog friends'. ......... it came from someone's blog and spoke volumes to me.

Now, if we can get world leaders to blog........ there might be hope yet.

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