Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What do I look for in a blog??

Through my post on blog feeds, Rosaline left a comment and asked me what I look for in a blog. Obviously there is something that catches my eye or I wouldn't have 130 feeds on my Bloglines (yes I picked up another one since the original post LOL).

I guess I look for creativity, joy, laughter, the ability to talk about oneself in perspective to what is going on in life (Does that make sense?). Sometimes it is the title of the blog that catches my eye. I don't like a blog that bashes the hubby, kids, etc all the time (Granted we all have those days but lets face it, some things are out of our control).

I have gotten so much inspiration and many, many ideas from looking at other blogs.

I guess the one word to sum it all up is HONESTY........ true to who you are, what you do, what you believe in and to whom you communicate.

This was really deep....... I think I need some chocolate.

Love you all!!


Mary said...

My question is can you keep up with all 130? I have 129 on my reader but I'd have to say I'm very sporadic and way behind reading most of them. I tend to keep up with 10-15 of them. By keep up - I mean visit several times a week....the others - I'm lucky if I scan through on a monthly basis.

Suzie said...

I think about the same things like you, the creativity, the stories, the good humour,it all counts! Thanks for visiting me! The little bag you made looks very good!

Sweet P said...

I have 314 blogs in my reader. A vast majority of them are quilting related. I keep separate folders for those who do a lot of stitcheries, a folder for designers, a folder for a special group of friends and a folder for blogs about family, home and cooking. I read updated blogs daily, mark the ones I want to leave comments on and then take one evening a week (about 2 hours) to make comments.

I look for the same things you do - inspiration, creativity, honesty. And if it's a cooking blog - lots of recipes!