Monday, March 16, 2009

This is too cute

I love bags, and I need another bag like I need....... well, fill in the blank. Anyway, May posted this picture on her blog and I fell in love. I want this pattern. I tried to do a search but could only find it in Australia. Anyone have any suggestions?


Joyce said...

Nancy, Maybe ask May to buy the pattern there and send it to you? If she says yes, I'd love to have one too, ggg

Jeanne said...

You could try here:
They carry lots of patterns, etc. from Australia.

Lissa Jane said...

the exchange rate from australia is pretty cheap.. 65c US to $1 AUD, also you wouldn't pay the GSTax, so take 1/11th off the price.. if it is $15.40 AUD it should be $14AUD which is about $9US + postage.. (wouldn't be more than $2-3 US for postage) if you get stuck buying it from the states, let me know I'll track it down for you here in Aussieland