Sunday, March 29, 2009

Paris Traveler's Bag

My BFF Beth came up for the weekend, and we decided to work on the Paris Traveler's Bag from Figtree Quilts. I had a piece of Loralie ladies and we decided to use that and get polk-dot fabric for the gusset and handles. Beth is a pink fan, and me........ well I love red.

We started Saturday night, and around 12:30 am decided we had gone as far as our sanity would allow. This was definitely a project that needed to be done in tandem, as we were able to work through the directions out-loud utilizing each other's brain cells (or what was left of them).

Anyway, if you haven't made one, check it out. They are really nice for a weekend getaway and I will definitely be taking it to my guild retreat in April.



Barb said...

Sounds like fun projects to me...nothing better then TWO friendly brains following the directions. My DGD and I work like that too, although she is much quicker with understanding the details and explaining them to me ;>)!! Have a great day, having rain here in Central PA!

Di said...

Hi Nancy, I have that pattern ... am I going to lose my sanity (what's left of it, lol) trying to figure it out? Ok, I'm going to go and look at it right now.

Kucki68 said...

Sounds like a lovely friends project. And a great use for a fabric to cute to cut in small pieces.

Suzan said...

My sister and I do new, complicated patterns the same way. Sometimes you just need two brains! When we were on retreat last weekend, I started laughing when I could hear nearly every woman reading and repeating pattern instructions out loud!