Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Comment reply

I received a comment on my Paris Traveler's bag and I really want to reply to her, but unfortunately, I can't because her email is set at 'No reply'.

So how does everyone else deal with this? I get frustrated when I want to reply to a question.......... oh well, life goes on.

Paris Traveler's Bag

My BFF Beth came up for the weekend, and we decided to work on the Paris Traveler's Bag from Figtree Quilts. I had a piece of Loralie ladies and we decided to use that and get polk-dot fabric for the gusset and handles. Beth is a pink fan, and me........ well I love red.

We started Saturday night, and around 12:30 am decided we had gone as far as our sanity would allow. This was definitely a project that needed to be done in tandem, as we were able to work through the directions out-loud utilizing each other's brain cells (or what was left of them).

Anyway, if you haven't made one, check it out. They are really nice for a weekend getaway and I will definitely be taking it to my guild retreat in April.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

UFO Challenge for April

I know, it's not quite April yet; but what's three days between friends.

Our number for April is #4.

If you are interested in joining us, please click on the picture of the Jupiter 2 on the sidebar. It will take you to the post with all of the information


Love quilt for Belinda

Our Sundae Quilter group got together today. Beth is up from Maryland staying at my house for our own version of a quilt-a-thon so we used the opportunity to give Belinda a love quilt. Her father passed away very unexpectedly last month so we got sneaky and made a big hug for her. Needless to say she was very surprised and a few tears were shed around the table.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

17 inches

This is my daughter, Beth....... the youngest of my three girls; 1/2 of the twins. Two years ago she decided to let her hair grow long enough to get a good cut to donate to Locks of Love.

Today was the day. 17 inches later.............. and here we are. I was a little teary to see it go, but knowing that my daughter wanted to help a total stranger by donating her hair...... well, I guess her Daddy and I raised her right.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What do I look for in a blog??

Through my post on blog feeds, Rosaline left a comment and asked me what I look for in a blog. Obviously there is something that catches my eye or I wouldn't have 130 feeds on my Bloglines (yes I picked up another one since the original post LOL).

I guess I look for creativity, joy, laughter, the ability to talk about oneself in perspective to what is going on in life (Does that make sense?). Sometimes it is the title of the blog that catches my eye. I don't like a blog that bashes the hubby, kids, etc all the time (Granted we all have those days but lets face it, some things are out of our control).

I have gotten so much inspiration and many, many ideas from looking at other blogs.

I guess the one word to sum it all up is HONESTY........ true to who you are, what you do, what you believe in and to whom you communicate.

This was really deep....... I think I need some chocolate.

Love you all!!

When you ask a question be prepared for the answer...

So yesterday's question was ........ "How many feeds does a girl need?"

I love asking questions but even more so finding out the answers. I've heard back from many wonderful bloggers and honestly, I was amazed. I've heard from people who have 50 feeds to 600 hundred feeds (I did start to ask how she manages them all..... and then decided I would be better off not knowing LOL).

The recurring theme I drew from all of the comments was "My feeds are like my links to my friends". And I totally agree. It is amazing how the world has shrunk through the internet, and we can feel connected through blogging. I found the picture when I did a search on google for 'blog friends'. ......... it came from someone's blog and spoke volumes to me.

Now, if we can get world leaders to blog........ there might be hope yet.

Monday, March 23, 2009

How many 'feeds' does a girl need??????????

I started blogging almost 2 years ago. Then last year I was introduced to Bloglines. Well........ 129 feeds later, I'm still finding blogs.

When I visit someones blog, I look at the sidebar and see who's blogs are followed. Every time I look, I find a name of a blog that intrigues me......... so I look........... and then I add it to my list on Bloglines.

Thankfully I don't get 129 feeds all at once.

Help stop the addicition!!!! Is there a Bloglines Anonymous group??????

(breathing into a paper bag) OK, I'm fine now.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bear-inagaddadavida (Baby)

I finished the latest step in Judy Laquidara's quilt along last night. I think it is turning out great.... a fun way to use a stripe. Hopefully the sawtooth border that goes on next will fit without too much of a hassle.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

This is all that I bought........

at the Olde Country Store in Intercourse, PA. Yesterday hubby and I took a day off and went to the outlets in Reading. I did get a bunch of clothes for school (spring and fall) so I can't say that I didn't spend anything yesterday.

On the way home I asked if we could go to Intercourse and stop at Zooks and The Olde Country Store. I knew I wanted to find some Cheddar fabric for my Bonnie Hunter "Double Delight" quilt that I haven't started yet. Of course, while at the Country Store, I started looking, and thinking, and coveting.......... I LOVE the Flag Day Farm line from Moda and was seriously planning a quilt. But the solid red in the line looked very flat to me against the other fabrics and I didn't like I left it there. I was also looking at Nature's Chorus and Spring Magic....... oh and the Brown Bear line for a quilt for my grand-nephew. But they all stayed there.

When I told Beth (my BFF) that I had gotten out of there with less than $20 she wanted to know if I had a fever. Nope.......i started reminding myself that Bathfitters was coming soon. I can't wait for my new tub!!!

What happened????

The Asgard (for you Stargate Fans) must have beamed me up this morning and replaced me with a Domestic Goddess. Dusting, running the sucky thing, pulling clothes out that I no longer wear (to make room for what I got at the Reading Outlets yesterday), laundry........... UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm done doing that domestic thing for the day. Now for some serious sewing.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A first attempt..............

I received one of these little bags/baskets from Kim for her Valentine's Day Giveaway so I decided to follow the link to the tutorial on The Little Busy Bee's blog and try to make one. My handles are a little long, but I think it turned out well. Think I'll go try another one.

This is too cute

I love bags, and I need another bag like I need....... well, fill in the blank. Anyway, May posted this picture on her blog and I fell in love. I want this pattern. I tried to do a search but could only find it in Australia. Anyone have any suggestions?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Today is our 23rd wedding anniversary. Kevin surprised me with a dinner for two at the Herr Tavern in Gettysburg. Every time we go over that way we both say "one day I want to have supper there.... just the two of us". Well today was the day.

It was very good. I had Cream of Crab soup - very smooth and not "crabby"; mixed green salad, melt in your mouth filet mignon with asparagus and potato, a glass of red wine, and coffee and banana mocha ice cream for dessert. Kevin had bowl of venison sausage soup, mixed green salad, rockfish, a local ale, caramel latte ice cream and coffee.

Needless to say this is not a place to take the kids - very fancy. But it was wonderful to sit on the enclosed porch, just the two of us.

I can't believe it has been 23 years. I love him so much :o)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Nothing says "I love you" like.........

A new bathtub.

Seriously, this is the best anniversary present we could get for each other. This house is 50 (+/-) years old, and even though proper care has been given to the tub, etc........ it's time for something new.

The best part is the young man that was here, kidded along with us, singing show tunes, and laughing as much as we were.

When it was all said and done, he showed us his wedding pictures................... because his wife's family is best friends with Marianne Fons and she (and her family) was at the wedding.

Isn't it amazing how quilting brings people together.

Is it just me???

I was looking at a fabric website today. I won't say which one because it could have been any that sell the pre-cuts in strips, large squares or smaller squares.

So I did some math, and I hope I'm right. If you get 40 10-inch squares in the pack; that means you can equate this to four squares across the width of the fabric, and 4 x 10 = 40. So you are are getting 100-inches, all but 3 yards, of fabric and you pay $35.00. But three yards of fabric, might only cost between $20-30 depending on where you get it.

I guess we are paying for the convenience of it, I don't know. Perhaps this is why I rarely buy pre-cuts. I just like to look.

Ok, I'm done. Let's move on to the next crisis :o)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's here and ready to use!!!

I got my new laptop back from the computer guru today and am sitting here using it as we........... speak??? The monitor is HUGE!!!! I love it, love it, love it. So over the next few days I'll be putting my EQ6 and Dear Jane software on it.

I'm also thinking that since I didn't get my Viking Designer 1 sold yet, I'm going to upgrade to the 4-D embroidery software........ sometime in the future that is.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

I saw one!!!!

Well I heard it first; and when I looked out the bedroom window......... he/she was up in the tree. Spring is here!!!!

Did you remember?????

I did................. this morning.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Do you think this will sell on Ebay?????

I know it's not a divine image in a potato chip or a grilled cheese sandwich ......... but how many kids get a smiley face at the bottom of their glass after drinking chocolate milk?????


I got my blocks done and emailed the picture off to Judy. They are soooooooooooo cool!!! Can't wait to get this one done.

Thanks Judy!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New LapTop

First of all, is Laptop one word or two?????

Anyway, I bought a new one. It's a Dell Vostro 1710. I swore I never would own one cause of the teeny (well it seemed smaller than a PC) keyboard; but with using one at school I've gotten used to it.

The FedEx guy just called (his directions got him lost) and my new machine should be here soon. I then have to take it down to the Computer Guru and have him take off all of those annoying free applications and load my EQ6 and my Dear Jane softward and move some files from my older, smaller lap top (that was a hand-me-down) over to the new one.

I figured I deserved a splurge. Now to save for a long arm.

Super Giveaway

I found some news about a great giveaway. If you are a Moda addict, this is for you (even though I know I'm going to win LOL).

Click on the picture on the side bar to find out all the information. Let her know you made your way there through my blog.

Thanks and Good Luck!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

What is your favorite type of Oreo???

I love Oreos.... especially the Blonde Oreos with Vanilla Cream. So I've decided to poll my blog friends and find out which type of Oreo ranks number one in our community. Check out the poll on my side bar. It will be open for one week.

Have fun!!!

PS: Calico Cat posted a comment that I had forgotten the Oreo Cakester. I apologize for that, we've never had them so it didn't cross my mind to put it on the list. And, since voting has started, I can't edit the poll. Sorry Cakesters!!!

Dr. Seuss Day

Happy Dr. Seuss Day!!!!

Today is Dr. Seuss's birthday; also known as Read Across America Day. In our school district many teachers at the elementary level do something special on this day. When I subbed in first grade I made a vest with Cat in the Hat fabric. I wore it today and my high school kids seemed to enjoy it.

So read, read, read to your kids!!! It will help them forever.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shop Sample (I know what I'm doing now)

If you are confused by the title of this post, please refer to this post made earlier today.

With the help of my BFF Beth, the shops sample has been bordered and will hopefully be quilted and bound later this week. With Beth's suggestion, I was able to hang on to the rest of the floral fabric so that I can use it later in a similar top. I might have enough of the rose colored fabric also, but will definitely have to buy more green and tan.

I think it turned out really nice.