Sunday, February 1, 2009

UFO Challenge

Who out there has UFOs? Come on....... be honest........... raise those hands!!!!!

Ok, who's up for a challenge to get them done?

Some of the gals on my yahoo group, Stash_Quilters, have taken up the challenge. Each of them chose 11 UFOs, giving each a number 1-11. On the first of the month (January - November) one of my kids chooses a number and that is the UFO you work on and finish for that month.

Sounds simple enough right?

So I thought, why not invite all of my blog friends to play? All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me you want to play. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT I CAN RESPOND TO YOUR COMMENT. Then create your list of UFOs. ONLY PICK 10 (we won't have one in December). February's number is 5 , so you can get started on that one today.

There isn't any prize for finishing; just the satisfaction that you got something finished that has been staring at you for how long!!!

And thank you to Lost in Space for the picture of the Jupiter 2.....that was one of my favorite shows growing up.


Gina said...

I'll play but most of my UFO's are tops to be quilted so I'll do that instead.
Now to make a list
Love and hugs Gina xxx

Bonnie said...

Hum, I'll try but won't guarantee any results. I have way too many things to do. Hey, no rules, no prizes. So, I can claim the quilt I have been working on since last year is a UFO. (Sept. 08 sounds ufo'ish to me! Now, to decide what other quilts will be added to the list. Fun. B.

scraphappy said...

I want to play! I made a list of 12 UFOs in January and vowed to finish one each month. Now on month number three I'm getting tempted to pick the easy ones first. I'm going now to make a list of my 10. Thanks for the challenge

Cherold said...

I've been working on number 2 is a quilt for my mother-in-law...a queen/king sized triple irish chain. Can't work on any others until this monster is DONE!!

Cheri S

Betty C said...

I would like to try the Rolling Round block, please. I am working of UFO's quite often. lol.